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Gangs of Titan City

Gangs of Titan City

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Gangs of Titan City is a new grimdark future roleplaying game that thrusts its characters into a nightmare supercity that wants them dead.

The game casts your players as desperate gutterscum who will soon dominate the underworld as crimelords or end up riddled with bullets. The game helps you create stories in the vein of Peaky Blinders, Scarface or Blades in the Dark, but cast into a brutal and uncompromising urban future.

Gangs of Titan City is a tabletop roleplaying game that puts you in control of a gang of desperate outcasts fighting for survival. You’ll start out as a small fish in a very big and murky pond and steadily wrestle control of more of the city away from not only your gangland rivals, but also the institutions that want to crush you. 

Make big plays and seize what you want, then deal with the fallout of your actions. You’ll find yourself pressed in on all sides whether it’s other gangs, corrupt authorities or deadly mutants. How will you handle the pressure? What price will you pay, what sacrifices will you make to stay ahead?

Gangs of Titan City uses simple and flexible 2d6 design to be intuitive and fast moving. The dice provide tools to players and The Narrator to craft compelling stories about gangs who claw their way to towering heights and sometimes fall to terrifying depths. The game comes with a toolbox of gang archetypes, gang member playbooks, rules for arcane and unknowable tech, sector hexmap generation tools and a rogue’s gallery to cautiously deal and ferociously battle with.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, Gangs of Titan City is a game for anyone who loves grimdark cyberpunk, dystopian futures, or criminal stories of rise and fall. If you’re a fan of Necromunda, Fallout, Judge Dredd & 2000AD, Borderlands, Altered Carbon, Blade Runner, Mad Max or Mos Eisley stories, then this is a game for you.


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