Trade Guidelines

We've seen a lot and learned a lot in our first few years of business. Here's some things that have popped up more often than you'd think that will help us get your trade processed in a timely manner!

TEMPORARY GUIDELINES: We have paused doing cash buys for a little while. Thanks for your understanding!

Some General Guidelines:
  • Please limit your trade physically to 2 storage totes of items. We will provide the totes, as we need to make sure they fit on our shelves! If you wish to trade in more than that, call ahead to make an appointment and make sure we have the storage space for it. If we are unable to accommodate your large trade all at once, you are more than welcome to bring it 2 totes at a time on a walk-in basis.

  • We don’t email out itemized price lists for quotes. We’ve unfortunately had too many bad experiences with people trying to use us as a free quoting service, and we put a lot of work into researching board game prices.

  • Similarly, we don't remove games from a trade once we've quoted it for reasons other than we found it to be incomplete. We do not have the storage space to set aside (and not get everyone's holds mixed up) games you are having second thoughts about. Think of your trade as one unit; we price based on the entirety of it, so please be sure you are wanting to trade everything when it's dropped off.

  • Please make sure that all games being traded in are removed from online marketplace listings, such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or BoardGameGeek trade posts. We invest time & labor into pricing your trades out, and invest that time on good faith that you are intending to sell the games to us, so we ask that you don't attempt to sell them on other forums while those trades are occupying storage space at our store.

  • If you are trading in a board game with expansions, or a large Kickstarter bundle, please separate expansion content into it's original boxes before bringing them in. Content not separated will have to bundled with the base game, which makes it harder for us as the retailer to sell, so we are not able to pay you as much for it as if it all having it's original packaging. It also makes the trade process take longer, so we aren't able to get you paid as quickly.

  • NOTE: If you bring in a bundle that has the original boxes, but all content is all in one box, we will ask you to either come back in and pick it up or accept a deduction on the trade quote equal to the time ASG staff will have to put in to sort it out (above and beyond our normal piece counts).

  • If you have an open trade at the shop, please refrain from adding items to it or bringing in additional trades until the first trade is complete. We are a small shop with a finite amount of space, and this just helps us keep the cogs turning on trades in an orderly fashion.

  • Video game systems must come with one controller and the correct AV and power hookups. Those items must be wrapped up and paired with the system (i.e. we are not going to sift through several totes of tangled controllers and cables to try to pair things with a stack of systems that were just dug out of storage).

  • Please check your video game & movie cases before bringing them in to make sure they contain all of the discs that came with it originally! This includes Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs; we won’t buy it in if you decided to keep one or the other.

  • When trading in Magic or Pokemon cards, please note we do NOT TAKE IN bulk commons currently, so please just bring us the rares you'd like to sell. This helps us get you paid faster! Unsorted boxes of cards will not be accepted at the store.

  • Email is our preferred method of communication when it comes to trades in process. Please respond to our emails (or calls) regarding your trades. We don't start piece checks on board game trades until you approve the quoted amount, so we need to hear back from you. If you need to sign off on a trade but can't make it in for a few weeks, that's totally fine; we utilize DocuSign to get that store credit trade finalized quicker.