Can I use my previously-issued store credit for webstore purchases?

The shortest answer; not yet. Store credit is currently stored on Square gift cards and our website is hosted on Shopify. We are actively working on a solution to this, but it is most likely going to result in a changeover on our in-store POS system, which is going to take some time. For now, feel free to give the shop a call during business hours and we can arrange you getting the games you are looking for in the shop!

Other used game retailers use an elaborate grading system; why do most of ASG's used games just say "Good Condition"?

We got our start selling on eBay years ago, and we also only use the "Good" condition option on there. Reason being, we feel that "Very Good", "Like New", "Mint", "Near Mint", etc. just gets into the realm of splitting hairs, and can be extremely subjective. Our VG might not be your idea of VG, so we just use "good".

Have confidence that "good" means the components are undamaged (we don't buy in used games with damaged components).

"Good" means it's 100% complete; we piece check every single used game that comes in on trade. Yes, it takes forever, but we think it's important.

For RPG books, "good' means no writing internally, and an intact binding.

If a specific game has a box issue (maybe a torn corner or small ding), we'll take care to note it at the top of the product page text, and try to make sure issues are visible in the item picture.

Oh yeah; the item pictured for used games is the exact item you're going to receive. We will never use stock photos for used games (and only for new games in the case of preorders).


There's retro video games for sale at ASG's storefront; why aren't there retro video games listed on the website?

Unfortunately we don't get enough retro video games in on trade to ever have enough to really feature on the website. For reference, the last copy of Mario Kart 64 we got in lasted about a day on our sales floor, because we price our video games like we price our board games - to not sit here very long ;)

We do list some of our video game duplicates on our eBay store though!


Why no international shipping?

Currently, we haven't found a way to ship international that's both cost-effective for the customer and with a high enough success rate to be confident offering it. As a small business, losing product in transit and then having to refund it is detrimental, so we mitigate that risk by only shipping domestically within the US. Our previous experiences with international shipments have left us cautious in that realm (the most spectacular example of which included a game that reappeared at our door 11 months after we sent it due to its adventures within the Brazilian postal service).


My game showed up in a game distributor / Amazon / Target / Walmart box; what's up with that?

We try to reuse as much shipping material as possible! It both keeps our costs low and we think it's the right thing to do. Did you know ASG hasn't ever bought bubble wrap in the entire time we've been open? We get so much packaging from distributor orders (not to mention our team, friends and family reusing packaging from their own online shopping) that it's just never been a need for us!